Natural healing agents

Dolenjske Toplice

Thermal water

  • The temperature of thermal water is generally no lower than 20 ˚C at the outflow. At health resorts’ medical services we exploit its mechanical, chemical and thermic properties.

Terme Krka’s thermal springs

  • Thermal water is used for medical purposes. Its characteristics are carefully and regularly monitored.

Healing properties of thermal water

  • Warm thermal water has countless beneficial effects on our health. Thanks to the hydrostatic pressure on the immersed part of the body, blood and lymph circulation is improved. At the same time, the implementation of hydro-kinesiotherapy is much easier because of the buoyancy effects. The thermic effect benefits the whole body, from the physiological as well as clinical point of view. The positive effects include an increase of temperature in the tissues, vasodilatation, improvement of the circulation, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, sedation of the patient, increased activity of the local metabolism, increased skin transudation, stimulation of the immune system, relaxation and hormonal reactivity.

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The water analysis

 Water at Dolenjske Toplice health resort
Temperature With a temperature of 36.2° C, it is classified as isoactratothermal mineral water,
(iso = temp. 34–38 ˚C; acrato = low- mineralized – mineral content does not exceed 1000 mg/l).
Chemical analysis

Calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate (Ca-Mg-HCO3) – homeoacratothermal water.

  • There are 370 mg/l of all mineral substances dissolved in the water.
  • It contains the cations Na, K, Mg, Ca, Sr (others in traces only), of which calcium (58 mg/l or 60.2%), magnesium (19 mg/l or 32.8%), sodium (5.7 mg/l or 51.4%) and potassium (2.6 mg/l) prevail.
  • It contains the anions F, Cl, NO3, SO4 and HCO3 (others in traces only), of which hydrogen carbonate (242 mg/l or 86.8%) prevails, the others are found in very small amounts.

According to the ionic composition and temperature the water is highly beneficial as a complementary treatment in rehabilitation programmes for:

  • Inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism,
  • Injuries and conditions following surgical procedures,
  • Gynaecological disorders, conditions following gynaecological surgical procedures,
  • Neurological disorders.


 Dolenjske Toplice health resort
Cations Mg/l %
Na 5,7 51,408
K 2,6 1,383
NH4 0,016 0,018
Mg 19 32,844
Ca 58 60,156
Sr 0,63 0,298
Fe 0,04 0,029
Li 0,0093 0,028
Mn 0,00017 1,28E-04
Ba 0,022 0,101


 Dolenjske Toplice Spa
Anions Mg/l %
F 0,54 0,622
Cl 5,79 3,569
Br 0,025 6,85E-
BrO3 0,001 1,71E-
I 0,02 3,45E-
NO2 0,002 9,52E-
NO3 3,01 1,062
SO4 17,3 7,888
HPO4 0,057 0,025
HCO3 242 86,822