Medical services

Dolenjske Toplice

  • Dolenjske Toplice Spa is one of the oldest health resorts in Europe.

Positive effects of thermal water

  • Positive effects of thermal water have been known for centuries at Dolenjske Toplice Spa. Two out of three thermal water springs at Dolenjske Toplice are located directly under the indoor pools, Prince’s and Cave’s bath at the Vital Hotel. The water springs from a depth of almost a thousand metres with a flow of 30 litres per second. The water is acratothermal with the temperature of 36 °C and it is low-mineralised, containing mostly calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate.

Treatment of musculoskeletal and women's diseases

  • In the opinion of the physicians who first wrote about it, the Dolenjske Toplice Spa was an important health resort, especially for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and women’s diseases as well as the rehabilitation of the disabled. Over the time, the old swimming pool complex has developed into a state-of-the-art centre for medical rehabilitation. In addition to thermal water, a range of procedures and methods of physical and rehabilitation medicine with emphasis on kinesiotherapy is included in the treatment.

Highly qualified experts and top-notch equipment

  • Natural resources and professional knowledge at Dolenjske Toplice Spa are complemented by the caring and kind approach towards guests. It seems that this well-designed combination is what people need when their health is at risk because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Their medical team includes doctors, specialized in physical and rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapists, nurses and masseurs.  In addition to rehabilitation of patients with rheumatic disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, surgical procedures on reproductive organs and breast surgery, and rehabilitation after central and peripheral nervous system disorders, many other activities have been developed to support good physical and mental health and wellbeing. The guests can choose between various modern wellness services and gain energy in the beautiful landscape.