Sporting activities at the hotel

Dolenjske Toplice

  • Physical exercise strengthens your body and soul, boosts self-confidence and creates a positive mental attitude. We offer facilities and equipment for individual or group exercise. Seize the opportunity!

Workout at a fitness studio

  • Work out on your own or with a fitness trainer at the Medical Rehabilitation Centre. You can do cardiovascular exercise on a number of fitness machines, PACE exercise on hydraulic resistance machines, or individual or group gymstick exercise – using a stick with two rubber bands.

PACE workout

  • PACE is a fun, circuit group exercise program with upbeat music that quickly and safely changes your body shape. PACE alternates workout on hydraulic resistance machines with step aerobics resulting in fat loss, increased endurance and strengthened cardiovascular system.

Good physical and mental fitness help you deal with daily challenges more easily. Pleasant company further enhances the positive effect of the workout.


  • Individual or group exercise using a gymstick (a stick with two rubber bands). Gymstick Fitness is suitable for everyone, even beginners, as it improves flexibility, balance and posture of the upper body and targets all muscle groups.

Pool exercise

  • You can join the upbeat AquaFit aerobics with lively music or the calming group hydrogymnastics guided by a physiotherapist in the pools at the Vital Hotel and Balnea Wellness Centre.

Physical exercise in the water activates all the muscles, increases endurance, strength and coordination and improves joint and muscle flexibility.


  • An all-inclusive workout with the emphasis on the inaccessible, smaller and poorly developed muscles helps improve posture, strengthens cardiovascular system, improves physical fitness and coordination and enables better self-awareness by strengthening all the muscles.


  • Relax your body and improve your wellbeing. Our yoga exercise is based on the Yoga in Daily Life principle, an eight-level system, which should be followed systematically, level by level. Each level includes asanas, i.e. physical yoga postures, and pranayamas or breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation.