It may seem small, but Slovenia’s greatness comes in inspiring details. Home to the Alps, Mediterranean coast, the Pannonian Plain and the mysterious Karst region, wherever you travel in the country Slovenia’s nature is utterly imposing. From the seaside and Karst to the hilly region of Dolenjska bursting with thermal springs - our destinations in the regions of Dolenjska and Primorska offer numerous adventures. Want to find out more?

  • Šmarješke Toplice

    Šmarješke Toplice lies at an elevation of 169 metres, amid forests and meadows in south-eastern Slovenia, only 80 kilometres from the lively capital of Ljubljana. The beauty of nature and the salubrity of the climate are further enhanced by the healing effects of the local thermal spring. Its positive characteristics are exploited by top-notch medical team for cardiovascular diseases treatment. Terme Krka was the first one in Slovenia to establish a foundation for dialogue and collaboration between conventional and complementary practices with the primary goal of promoting optimal health and well-being resulting in cutting-edge medical wellness centre with first-rate services.

  • Dolenjske Toplice

    Dolenjske Toplice lies on the western edge of the Novo Mesto Basin in south-eastern Slovenia. Dolenjske Toplice has been a reputable health resort and spa for centuries. With its extensive range of state-of-the-art medical and wellness services and its swimming pool complex, it draws guests from all over Europe.

    Halal certificate – Terme Dolenjske Toplice has adapted its services to guests who live in accordance with the Islamic religion. With halal certificate we assure our Muslim guests to enjoy our accomodation facilities and cuisine at their best.

  • Strunjan

    Visit the renowned Slovene climatic health resort and thalassotherapy centre on the greenest part of the Slovene coast, a place where hiking and other trails meet. The town with 2300 hours of direct sun radiation a year offers you everything needed for a tranquil holiday as well as countless possibilities for active time off.

  • Otočec

    Visit Otočec, the jewel of the Dolenjska region famous for the charming castle on an islet rising from the mists of the Krka River. In addition to the natural beauty Otočec offers a wide range of services for golf fans, cyclists, hikers, tennis players and other sports enthusiasts. You can also use the adventure park and paintball field complemented by the thermal pool and saunas.

  • Novo mesto

    Explore the charming town situated on a promontory in a bend of the Krka River. A town in the centre of the colourful gently rolling landscape will dazzle you with its rich tradition and cultural heritage. Visit the old town core and admire the countless sights, enjoy the view of the picturesque river bank, take a stroll along the numerous pilgrimage routes and walking paths, ascend the hills with spectacular views and enjoy the numerous beauties of the region.