Terme Krka Club

  • Do you want to know how to obtain a 10% discount on accommodation, medical and wellness services?  Join Terme Krka Club and take advantage of countless membership benefits. Anyone who stays at any of Terme Krka's destinations for at least one night can become a member.

Visit Terme Krka again! For every 28 days you will be rewarded with a 2-day accommodation at any one of our hotels free of charge.

How to become a Terme Krka Club member

  • Anyone who stays at Dolenjske Toplice Spa, Šmarješke Toplice Spa, Talaso Strunjan, the Otočec Hotels or the Krka Hotel in Novo mesto for at least one night can become a member. You can become a member free of charge at the hotel’s reception desk by filling in the membership form.

    Special offers and membership benefits are granted at your next visit at Terme Krka! The membership is permanent and the special offers apply if the member visits one of Terme Krka’s units at least once every two years. Failing to do so, you have to apply for membership again.

    Upon admission you will receive a membership card which will be used to record your stay at Terme Krka’s units. The membership card entitles you to all the benefits as our regular guest and it has to be kept carefully.

The membership entitles you to:

    • 10 % discount on accommodation when staying for 2 or more days,
    • 10 % discount on individual medical services at the spas for hotel guests,
    • 10 % discount on individual wellness services for hotel guests.

    Terme Krka Club members are regularly informed about the novelties and special offers. They also receive our newsletter Springs of Health that comes out four times per year free of charge. In order to maintain your membership you must visit one of Terme Krka’s destinations at least once every two years.

Loyalty reward

  • Each day you stay at Terme Krka is recorded on your club membership card. After a member has collected 28 days on their membership card, we grant them two days of half board accommodation in one of our units as a reward for their loyalty.

    We would be delighted to provide you with further information at the reception desks of all our business units.