Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

  • Terme Krka is eco-friendly – we are committed to protecting the environment and we want to leave the world better than we found it. Our tourism services strive to be the best, top-quality and professional. And the same passion goes into how we think about environmental responsibility. We work tirelessly with the help of our guests to reduce our impact on climate change and conserve resources we all need to thrive.

It all begins with the journey

    • A free coach is organized to take you to our spas several times per year. You can also use public transport or at least a car with low exhaust emissions. 
    • Calculate your luggage size well - the lighter the luggage, the lesser the gas-use and consequently less pollution.
    • Respect the Highway Code – reduced speed and subsequently less fuel consumption will do a lot of good for the environment.
    • Terme Krka’s employees also think »green« when commuting.

Think green in the hotel room

  • What you can contribute to a »green« stay

    • By lowering the thermostat temperature by 1 degree in the winter or raising it by 1 in the summer you will save a lot of energy. 
    • Turn off the heating when you open the window in case it doesn’t turn off automatically. 
    • Don’t change the towels every day. 
    • Turn off the lights and other electrical appliances when not in use. 
    • Turn off the taps whenever possible.

    What we do for »green« accommodation

    • A heat pump is used for heating purposes in some of our units. This type of heating does not require any chimneys, so no harmful gases are emitted into the air. Our business unit at the seaside uses solar energy collectors on the roof to heat the pool water.
    • We use reclaimed water for toilet flushing. 
    • During off-peak season we block complete guests floors (one, two...) thus saving on heating or cooling of the premises.
    • New hotels with the so-called smart rooms use energy rationally - lighting on the halls is monitored by timers and lighting sensors that are also located in most of the unfrequented areas.
    • We have been replacing the excising bulbs with low energy consumption ones for years. 
    • We keep a good maintenance on the plumbing system and we fix any drips as soon as possible.

Eco-friendly culinary tale

  • How to enjoy »green« gastronomy

    • Ask for drinks and dishes made from local produce of organic or integrated production. It will be our pleasure to serve you. 
    • Local food is eco-friendly - we pollute the environment less thanks to short transport routes and due to proximity goods also come with minimal packaging. By cooperating with local producers we promote sustainable development.
    • Ask for meatless dishes. Farmers can feed ten vegetarians on the same land it takes to feed one meat eater.
    • Enjoy “wild food” from the nearby forests and meadows. 
    • Try out the dishes at the organic corner.
    • While having breakfast you will notice that hardly any food comes packed in portions.

    How we create »green« cuisine

    • We have our own herb gardens and herb pots. 
    • Most of the drinks that we sell come in reusable bottles. 
    • We tend to use as few plastic spoons in our restaurant as possible.
    • One of the criteria we consider when purchasing dishwashers is heat recovery system which saves valuable energy with every wash cycle, thereby reducing operating costs. 
    • Our kitchens are equipped with energy-saving electrical appliances.
    • We are careful with cleaning agents, too.

Waste management

  • Terme Krka’s employees manage waste produced at our hotels effectively by sorting it and minimizing its amount.

    • The employees take part in a spring clean-up event which is a sociable and beneficial event of cleaning and fixing up the surroundings of Terme Krka resorts with the help of local people. Throughout the year, we take part in occasional cleaning of unauthorized dumping sites in the vicinity of our premises. 
    • Withered plants are replaced with new ones on a regular basis. 
    • We tend to use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., as little as possible when landscaping. 
    • Sewage water from all our business units goes through biological wastewater treatment system, while our wastewater is constantly monitored. 
    • All the parking areas and transformer stations owned by Terme Krka are equipped with oil and grease interceptors, while fuel oil tanks are at least two-layered and equipped with an alarm system in case of spillage.
    • Pool complexes are equipped with dechlorination system that neutralizes water before releasing it into the local environment. The pools’ engine rooms are equipped with neutralization system in case of leaks on chlorine cylinders. All chlorine rooms are equipped with chlorine gas detectors. 
    • Functional safety of the machines containing more than 3 kilos of refrigerant has been checked and certified in all our business units. 
    • In accordance with the Decree on Limit Values due to Light Pollution of the Environment Terme Krka has been thoroughly preparing to start implementing measures to reduce energy consumption, protect the nature against light pollution, protect the accommodation against the obtrusive illumination due to public lighting, protect the people against harmful influence of glare and protect astronomical observation due to sky glow, etc.

Harmony of our premises and natural environment

  • All our hotels and spas are located in the stunning landscape. Explore the surroundings on foot or by bicycle. Get moving and enjoy your time off by admiring the vast unspoilt nature in all its glory. Enjoy the peace and quiet, and make sure you don’t leave any unwanted traces behind. Let those who come after you enjoy the intact nature as well. 

Eco wellness

  • Visit us and experience »eco wellness« – a lifestyle that promotes health and harmonic relationships among people as well as towards the natural environment. We offer you weight-loss and detox programmes with completely natural methods. In addition to services with natural oils, aromatic substances and baths we also recommend a special treatment with organic grapes.

Green finishing touch

    • By investing considerably in internal communication, as well as with awareness-raising and education, we are establishing a high environmental consciousness and a strong sense of responsibility in our employees.
    • We are rying to reduce the use of paper in internal as well as external communication. 
    • We collect paper, cartridges, etc., for the nearby schools which raise funds for excursions and other activities in such a way.
    • We organize ecologically-themed fun activities for children.

    We are all familiar with the saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao-tzu). Join us on our way and let’s make this world a better place!