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About the company and the Krka Group

Terme Krka, a member company of the Krka Group, is one of the leading tourism companies in the country. It brings together two health and spa centres - Dolenjske Toplice Spa and Šmarješke Toplice Spa, the Talaso Strunjan thalassic health resort at the seaside, the Otočec Hotels with their exciting Otočec Castle Golf Course and one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia, Otočec Castle.

Top quality and a personal touch

Terme Krka has been widely recognised for its top-quality services with a personal touch for a number of years now. With a wide range of medical, wellness, gastronomy, sporting and holiday activities we help our guests on their way to a more enjoyable, more creative and healthier lifestyle.

Group Krka

The controlling company of the group is Krka, tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto, abbreviated to Krka, d. d., Novo mesto.

The Krka Group consists of the controlling company, Krka d. d. Novo mesto, and a number of subsidiaries in Slovenia and abroad. The Krka Group is engaged in the development, production, sale and marketing of human health products (prescription and self-medication pharmaceuticals and cosmetics), animal health products and health resort and tourist services. Production takes place in Slovenia, Poland, the Russian Federation, Croatia and Germany, while the remaining subsidiaries outside Slovenia are engaged in the marketing and/or sale of Krka products.

Mission, vision, values

The greatest wealth is health and one of the goals in our life should be leading a healthy, good quality life. Our motto »Living a healthy life« comprises all the main objectives of our mission.

A guideline, resulting from our mission, is high-quality service. Services and key processes are constantly upgraded on two levels, professionally and creatively. This policy helps up gain our guests’ trust and achieve good business results.

Realize your professional ambitions

Employment at Terme Krka

Organized and dynamic working environment enables you to make your career ambitions come true and ensures countless opportunities for your professional development. We are looking for kind, patient, extrovert and people-friendly employees who appreciate team-work and are willing to improve themselves professionally. Your achievements will be recognized and your effort will be rewarded.

ID card

Name: TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto
Registered office: Novi trg 1
8000 Novo mesto
VAT identification number (VATIN): SI64669351
Registration no. of company: 5600120
Activity code: 85.122
Registration entry: The company is registered with the District Court in Novo mesto.
Share capital: 14.753.239,00 EUR
Registration entry no.: 1/02355/00
  Trading account IBAN BIC (SWIFT)
NLB, d. d., Ljubljana: 02970-0011246733 SI56 029700011246733 LJBASI2X
SKB Banka, d. d.: 03150-1000342451 SI56 031501000342451 SKBASI2X
Abanka VIPA: 05100-8011990550 SI56 051008011990550 ABANSI2X

Attentive and responsible to the environment

At Terme Krka we enjoy green - responsibly to the luxury of nature and with a view to the future. For us, tourism is the most beautiful business in the world, but we are aware that it is also a business that puts a heavy burden on the environment. At Terme Krka, we try to limit and prevent these influences as much as possible, together with our guests.

Jože Berus, Managing Director

+386 7 39 42 500

Gorazd Šošter, Deputy Director

+386 7 39 42 500

Brane Krevs, Assistant to the Director

+386 7 39 42 502

Matej Jordan, marketing

+ 386 7 39 42 527

Andreja Zidarič, public relations

+386 7 39 42 522

Natasa Mihajlovic Grubisa, sales

+386 7 39 42 514

Katja Lazič Mikec, Head of the Terme Dolenjske Toplice Branch and Head of Hotels

+386 7 39 19 411

Andrej Božič, Head of the Terme Šmarješke Toplice Branch and Head of Health Management

+386 7 38 43 562

Silvana Ilić Topić, Head of the Talaso Strunjan Branch and Head of Wellness

+386 5 676 44 69

Tadeja Jordan, Restaurant Services Sector Manager

+386 7 38 43 579

Bojana Rešetič, Purchasing Manager

+386 7 39 42 507